Technology / Computers / Gopher: A method of distributing information by computers that has waned in popularity to ftp. Most gopher files contain only text information with few images, audio, or video components. Files can be downloaded with a similar protocol like ftp.

Gopher Ball

Entertainment / Baseball / Gopher Ball: A pitch destined to be hit for a home run; one that will "go for’ a run. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Url: Uniform Resource Locator, an HTTP address used by the World Wide Web to specify a certain site. This is the unique identifier, or address, of a web page on the Internet. URL can be pronounced 'you-are MORE

Wide Area Information Server (WAIS)

Business / Internet Marketing / Wide Area Information Server (WAIS): WAIS, pronounced 'ways,' search for data through online gopher databases. Unless you are looking for scientific or technical information, look somewhere else. MORE


Technology / Computers / Veronica: Stands for Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives. A database of menu names from a large number of Gopher servers. A quick and easy way to search Gopher resources for inform MORE