Technology / Computers / Hardware: These are the physical items including your computer and floppy discs.

Other Words for Hardware

Hardware Adverb Synonyms: tools, metal goods, ironmongery
Hardware Noun Synonyms: (computer) equipment, components, devices, machinery, arms, munitions, armament(s), mat‚riel

Hardware Manufacturer

Entertainment / Video Games / Hardware Manufacturer: Company that manufactures game systems (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Mute: A control found on receivers, some mixers, and certain signal processing units that silences (mutes) a signal path, or output. 2. Someone with much to say but lacking the hardware or software to do so MORE

Analog Switch

Technology / Home Audio / Analog Switch: A hardware-oriented switch that only passes signals that are faithful analogs of transducer parameters. MORE

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Digital Signal Processing (DSP): (also known as processor) This processes the raw data before it can be stored and viewed on the memory card. MORE

Personal People Meter (PPM)

Technology / Television (TV) / Personal People Meter (PPM): Hardware currently being tested by Arbitron. The PPM is a pager-sized device that is worn by consumers throughout the day to automatically detect inaudible codes that radio and television broadcasters MORE

Dish Network System

Technology / Television (TV) / Dish Network System: DISH Network Satellite TV System, trademarked for the consumer hardware and created to receive DISH Network programming, includes a typical 20-inch, remote control, and the DISH Network Receiver. MORE