Hertz (Hz)

Technology / Computers / Hertz (Hz): A measurement for frequency that is used internationally, and indicates one cycle per second.

Cycles Per Second (Hertz)

Technology / Motors / Cycles Per Second (Hertz): One complete reverse of flow of alternating current per rate of time. (A measure of frequency.) 60 HZ (cycles per second) A.C. power is common throughout the U.S. and 50 HZ is more common in some fore MORE

Megahertz (MHz)

Technology / Computers / Megahertz (MHz): A unit of measurement indicating the frequency of one million cycles per second. MORE

Kilohertz (Khz)

Technology / Home Audio / Kilohertz (Khz): A frequency of one thousand (1,000) cycles per second. MORE


Technology / Radar / Megahertz: A frequency of one million cycles per second. See kilohertz. MORE

Hertz (Hz)

Technology / Cell Phones / Hertz (Hz): A unit of measurement of one cycle per second when one radio wave passes one point in one second of time. Named in honor of Heinrich Hertz, the physicist who developed the theory of radio waves. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Hertz: The SI unit of frequency, equal to one cycle of the wave per second (s-1). MORE