High Memory Area

Technology / Computers / High Memory Area: In DOS -based systems, the high memory area refers to the first 64K of extended memory.

Other Words for Area

Area Noun Synonyms: space, room

Other Words for High

High Adjective Synonyms: tall, lofty, elevated, towering
High Noun Synonyms: anticyclone
High Adverb Synonyms: intoxication, altered consciousness

Other Words for Memory

Memory Noun Synonyms: remembrance, honor, homage, respect, tribute, celebration
Memory Verb Synonyms: recall, recollection, retention

Extended Memory Specification (XMS)

Technology / Computers / Extended Memory Specification (XMS): A procedure developed jointly by AST Research, Intel Corporation, Lotus Development, and Microsoft Corporation, for using extended memory and DOS’s high memory area, a 64K block just above 1MB. MORE

Lower High Water (LHW)

Science / Tides and Currents / Lower High Water (LHW): The lowest of the high waters of any specified tidal day due to the declinational effects of the Moon and Sun. MORE

Long-Term Memory

Science / Psychiatry / Long-Term Memory: The final phase of memory in which information storage may last from hours to a lifetime. MORE

Major Land Resource Area (MLRA)

Business / Agriculture / Major Land Resource Area (MLRA): Major land resource areas are geographically associated land resource units delineated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and characterized by a particular pattern that combines soils, wate MORE

Major Trading Area (MTA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Major Trading Area (MTA): Usually composed of several contiguous basic trading areas. A service area designed by Rand McNally and adopted by the FCC. There are 51 MTAs in the United States. MORE

Marine Protected Area

Science / Marine Biology / Marine Protected Area: A conservation geographic unit designed to protect crucial communities and to provide reproductive reserves for fisheries that hopefully will disperse over wider areas. MORE