Technology / Computers / Host: A computer on a network that provides services to other computers on the network. Unless you have your own server, you need a hosting company who provides a server or computer that is connected to the internet and makes your web pages available to the rest of the internet.

Other Words for Host

Host Noun Synonyms: hostess, innkeeper, hotelier, hotel-keeper, hotelman, landlord or landlady, manager or manageress, proprietor or proprietress, publican
Host Adjective Synonyms: army, swarm, crowd, horde, multitude, throng, mob, pack, herd, troop, legion, body, assembly, assemblage, drove

Ghost Images

Entertainment / Photography / Ghost Images: Bright spots of light, often taking the shape of the aperture, which appear in the camera viewfinder or in the final photograph when a lens is pointed at a bright light like the sun. Ghost images have MORE

Coldfusion Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Coldfusion Hosting: Web hosting that supports coldfusion, a web application language introduced by Allaire and currently owned by Macromedia. MORE

Ghost Characters

Entertainment / Literature / Ghost Characters: This term should not be confused with characters who happen to appear on stage as ghosts. Shakespearean scholars use the word 'ghost characters' to refer to characters listed in the stage directions o MORE

Asp Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Asp Hosting: Web hosting that supports Active Server Pages, a server-side scripting environment from Microsoft. MORE

Dedicated Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Dedicated Hosting: Hosting option whereby the host provides and is responsible for the equipment, dedicating an entire server to the client's websites. MORE

Competence (For Hosts)

Health / Disease / Competence (For Hosts): The efficiency with which a host acquires and spreads a pathogen. MORE