Hybrid Fiber-Coxaial (HFC)

Technology / Computers / Hybrid Fiber-Coxaial (HFC): Older CATV systems were provisioned using only coaxial cable. Modern systems use fiber transport from the headend to an optical node located in the neighborhood to reduce system noise. Coaxial cable runs from the node to the subscriber. The fiber plant is generally a star configuration with all optical node fibers terminating at a headend. The coaxial cable part of the system is generally a trunk-and-branch configuration.

Other Words for Hybrid

Hybrid Noun Synonyms: mixture, cross-breed, half-breed, mongrel, cross, composite, combination, compound


Science / Chemistry / Hybridization: The combination of a set of atomic orbitals to produce a new set of 'hybrid' orbitals. Hybridized orbitals are theoretical constructions that make molecular structures easier to explain. For example, MORE

Hybrid Security

Business / Finance / Hybrid Security: A type of insurance company investment that combines the benefits of both a fixed annuity and a variable annuity. MORE

Hybrid Organization

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hybrid Organization: An organization whose structure is comprised of both vertical and horizontal models. MORE