Technology / Computers / Infrared: A light that is so red that it is not viewable to the naked eye. It uses this invisible beam of light to transmit a pre-programmed 'line-of-sight' signal to certain electronic components. Its typical use involves wireless devices such as a TV remote controller.

Infrared Compensation Index

Entertainment / Photography / Infrared Compensation Index: Used to compensate the focus for black and white infrared film. Color ir film generally does not require compensation. MORE

Infrared Spectroscopy

Science / Chemistry / Infrared Spectroscopy: A technique for determining the structure (and sometimes concentration) of molecules by observing how infrared radiation is absorbed by a sample. MORE

Infrared Radiation

Science / Chemistry / Infrared Radiation: Electromagnetic radiation with wavelength longer than visible light but shorter than that of microwaves. Infrared radiation is produced by hot objects; absorption of infrared radiation causes chemical MORE

Infrared Data Association (IrDA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Infrared Data Association (IrDA): A membership organization founded in 1993 and dedicated to developing standards for wireless, infrared transmission systems between computers. With IrDA ports, a laptop or PDA can exchange data with a MORE

Infrared Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Infrared Focus: See ir setting. MORE

Herschel Effect

Entertainment / Photography / Herschel Effect: The destruction of an exposed image by infrared radiation. MORE