Technology / Computers / Input: Anything that is entered into the computer either through peripheral devices like a keyboard, mouse, or microphone. May also refer to any line from one component or device to another for the purpose of transmitting data, such as the input to the CPU from the Memory. Often coupled with the word 'output' to indicate the line is bi-directional.

Input Overload Distortion

Technology / Home Audio / Input Overload Distortion: Distortion caused by too great an input signal being sent to an amplifier or preamplifier. It is not affected by volume control settings and often occurs when mics are positioned too close to the soun MORE

Farm Inputs

Business / Agriculture / Farm Inputs: The resources that are used in farm production, such as chemicals, equipment, feed, seed, and energy. Most farm inputs are purchased (a change from the days when animals powered most operations), maki MORE

High Level Input

Technology / Home Audio / High Level Input: An audio input configured to accept speaker level signals. MORE