Keyboard Macro

Technology / Computers / Keyboard Macro: A series of keystrokes that are automatically input when a single key is pressed. Used often in Office application delivery for improved speed of performance and in PC gaming to take the place of laborious, systematic keystroke sequences.


Science / Biology / Macrophages: A type of white blood cell derived from monocytes that engulf invading antigenic molecules, viruses, and microorganisms and then display fragments of the antigen to activate helper T cells; ultimately MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Macrophotography: Is photography which produces an image larger than the original subject size without the use of a microscope. MORE


Science / Biology / Macronutrients: 1. Elements needed by plants in relatively large (primary) or smaller (secondary) quantities. 2. Foods needed by animals daily or on a fairly regular basis. MORE


Science / Biology / Macronucleus: In ciliates, the large nucleus that carries up to several hundred copies of the genome and controls metabolism and asexual reproduction. MORE


Science / Biology / Macromolecules: Large molecules made up of many small organic molecules that are often referred to as monomers; e.g., carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Macromolecules are polymers of monomers. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Macron: A diacritical mark in the form of a horizontal line indicating the vowel beneath it is long. MORE