Laser Printer

Technology / Computers / Laser Printer: A type of printer that is a combination of an electro-static copying machine and a printer. An electro-static charge is used to transfer toner onto the page, which is then fused onto the paper due to very high heat. As a result, pages are expelled from the printer very quickly and output in a completely dry state. Laser printers are fast, accurate, and don't require as much resupplying of printing media as Inkjet's do. They are, however, much more expensive.

Inkjet Printer

Technology / Computers / Inkjet Printer: A printing technology that utilizes print nozzles that spray ink onto the page. Not as fast or clean as a laser printer, but much less expensive. Ink typically comes in sets of two or four, and each s MORE

Online Photo Printer

Technology / Digital Cameras / Online Photo Printer: A company that receives digital photos uploaded to its Web site, prints them, then sends the prints back by mail or courier. MORE

Contact Printer

Entertainment / Photography / Contact Printer: Apparatus used for making contact prints. Equipment ranges from a contact printing frame to more sophisticated boxes with safe lighting. MORE