Technology / Computers / Layer: In networking, layers (also called Levels) refer to software protocols. Each layer builds on the layer beneath it as part of an overall interactive transmission system.

Windows Media Player

Technology / Computers / Windows Media Player: Developed by Microsoft Corporation, this is a audio video player that can also handle MP3 files. The player also has the ability to store your favorite music, video, pictures and recorded TV. From thi MORE

Straight Player

Entertainment / Bowling / Straight Player: A player that relies on accuracy at the expense of power. MORE

Friction Layer

Science / Weather / Friction Layer: The thin layer of atmosphere adjacent to the earth's surface. Surface friction is effective in slowing down wind up to approximately 1,500 to 3,000 feet above the ground. Above this level, air tends t MORE

Dirty Player

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Dirty Player: There are some players, both current and historical, whose style of play and history of penalties characterizes them within hockey circles as 'dirty players.' usually, this entails a history of illega MORE

Arachnoid Layer

Health / First Aid / Arachnoid Layer: The arachnoid layer acts as a cushion between the dura mater and the pia mater. Bleeding in the arachnoid layer is known as a subdural hematoma, a potentially life-threatening condition. MORE

Utility Player

Entertainment / Baseball / Utility Player: A player who fills in in many positions. MORE