Login Script

Technology / Computers / Login Script: This is the small text file that is run by the server gateway to make the attachment between it and your computer.

Other Words for Script

Script Noun Synonyms: handwriting, hand, (cursive) writing, penmanship, calligraphy
Script Verb Synonyms: manuscript, scenario, book, play, screenplay, teleplay, libretto, continuity


Business / Finance / Subscription: An insurance process whereby a company that has paid out to a policyholder for a loss incurred recovers the amount of the loss from the party that is legally liable. MORE

Shooting Script

Technology / Television (TV) / Shooting Script: Generally speaking, a written description of a program, wherein each scene is described shot-by-shot. (Terms used to describe different types of scripts vary considerably within the television and fil MORE

Subscription Agreement

Business / Finance / Subscription Agreement: Agreement to buy new issue of securities. MORE

Subscription Farming

Business / Agriculture / Subscription Farming: Usually refers to a direct marketing arrangement between a local farmer and one or more nearby consumers, where the consumer pays, or agrees to pay, the farmer in advance for delivery of a variety of MORE

Subscription Privilege

Business / Finance / Subscription Privilege: Price that current shareholders pay for a share of stock in a rights offering. MORE

Subscription Price

Business / Finance / Subscription Price: An application reviewed by the general partner to join a limited partnership. MORE