Technology / Computers / Macro: A file containing a sequence of instructions that can be executed as one command. These commands can be in the form of a key, symbol or name. As an example, one symbol could represent a predefined list of commands.

Macro Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Macro Mode: Many digital cameras offer a 'Macro' mode. This mode changes the focus setting to let the camera focus on subjects that are very close to the lens. Macro mode is perfect for shooting close-ups of flow MORE

Macrobiotic Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Macrobiotic Shiatsu: This is a combination of macrobiotic diet, philosophy, and shiatsu. Macrobiotic shiatsu makes use of the classical Asian meridians. The feet are utilized considerably in the application of this method MORE


Life Style / Wine / Macroclimate: A term used to describe the climate of a large area, such as a entire wine-producing region. Related terms include mesoclimate and microclimate. The macroclimate has an obvious effect on the grapes. MORE


Science / Biology / Macromolecules: Large molecules made up of many small organic molecules that are often referred to as monomers; e.g., carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Macromolecules are polymers of monomers. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Macrocosm: (Cf. Microcosm) The natural universe as a whole, including the biological realms of flora and fauna, weather, and celestial objects such as the sun, moon, and stars. See discussion under chain of bein MORE


Business / Finance / Macroeconomics: Analysis of a country's economy as a whole. MORE