Technology / Computers / Mirror: In computing. this means to make an identical copy something. Usually, web sites use this to provide multiple sources of the exact same information giving its audience reliable access to large downloads at multiple locations called Mirror Sites.

Other Words for Mirror

Mirror Verb Synonyms: looking-glass, glass, speculum, reflector
Mirror Noun Synonyms: reflect, reproduce, represent, depict, repeat, echo, send back

Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror)

Business / Construction / Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror): A table on the blueprints that list the sizes, quantities and locations of the windows, doors and mirrors. MORE

Mirror Box

Entertainment / Photography / Mirror Box: Is a box containing one or more mirrors, usually angled to the light beam, as in the main body of an slr camera. MORE

Mirror Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Mirror Lens: Is a lens system which uses mirrors within its internal construction. Most lenses of this type have a mixture of reflecting and refracting optics and are known as catadioptric lenses. MORE

Mirror Site

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Mirror Site: Site which mirrors (or duplicates) the contents of another website. Generally search engines prefer not to index duplicate content. The one exception to this is that if you are a hosting company it mi MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Mirroring: 1) The empathic responsiveness of the parent to the developing childs grandiose-exhibitionistic needs. Parental expressions of delight in the childs activities signal that the childs wishes and experi MORE

Mirror Passage

Entertainment / Literature / Mirror Passage: A section of a story that might not contribute directly to the plot (i.e., it contains characters divorced from the main narrative, and the events it deals with do not further the action) but which do MORE