Technology / Computers / Multimedia: The integration of sound, graphics, animation, video, and text into one environment on a computer. A set of hardware and software technologies that are rapidly evolving computing.

Multimedia Extensions (MMX)

Technology / Computers / Multimedia Extensions (MMX): A technology created by Intel Corporation that enhances audio and video capabilities. MMX is found in Pentium III and later CPU's and is also found in AMD K6 series CPU's. Microprocessors that have MM MORE

World Wide Web

Business / Internet Marketing / World Wide Web: The web allows computer users to access information across systems around the world using urls to identify files and systems and hypertext links to move between files on the same or different systems. MORE

Distance Learning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Distance Learning: The process of delivering educational or instructional programs to locations away from a classroom or site to another location by using technology, such as video or audio conferencing, computers, Web- MORE


Technology / Computers / Streaming: 1) In tape backup, data is transferred from the hard disk as quickly as the tape can record, so that it is not required to stop or start. 2) In modern application, refers to data being transmitted fro MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Shockwave: A plug-in that allows for multimedia movies to play through a browser. MORE


Technology / Computers / Server: This is a mainframe computer that serves the other computers attached to it. MORE