Technology / Computers / Network: A system in which multiple computers and linked for the purpose of sharing data and peripherals, like hard disks and printers.

Network Adapter

Technology / Computers / Network Adapter: This is a hardware unit that connects a device to a communication line. For wide area networks (WAN), these adapters connect routers to the specific type of connection (T1, BRI) that is installed. For MORE

Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN): A system that allows a wireless user to make and receive phone calls while roaming in areas outside the user's home network. AINs enable service providers to define, test and introduce new multimedia MORE

Bayonet Network Connector (BNC)

Technology / Computers / Bayonet Network Connector (BNC): In computing, a Bayonet Network Connector is commonly used in the CCTV industry, usually installs on coaxial cable. The benefit of this connector is its ease of installation and its ability to produce MORE

Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN): The architecture needed to match the capabilities of the wireline intelligent network. In addition to transparent roaming, selective call screening, short message service and pre-paid billing are feat MORE

Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)

Technology / Computers / Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX): A networking protocol used by the Novell NetWare operating systems. Like UDP/IP, IPX is a datagram protocol used for connectionless communications. Higher-level protocols, such as SPX and NCP, are use MORE

In-Network Provider

Health / Dentistry / In-Network Provider: Any health care provider (physician, hospital, etc.) that belongs to a CIGNA network. Staying in-network gives members the advantage of significant discounts, helping to stretch their account dollars MORE