Technology / Computers / OOP: Stands for Object Oriented Program. A larger program made up of smaller objects.

Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS)

Business / Agriculture / Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS): One of three USDA agencies charged with implementing rural development policies and programs. The RBS provides loans, guarantees, technical assistance, and grants to rural businesses and cooperatives. MORE

Bank For Cooperatives (BC)

Business / Agriculture / Bank For Cooperatives (BC): Lending institution within the Farm Credit System that provides credit to agricultural cooperatives and rural utility cooperatives nationwide. Nationally chartered cobank Agricultural Bank (Denver) ha MORE

Cooperating Broker

Business / Real Estate / Cooperating Broker: A broker who assists another broker in the sale of real property. Usually the cooperating broker is the selling broker who found a buyer for the listing broker. MORE


Technology / Computers / Loopback: A diagnostic test that returns the transmitted signal back to the sending device after it has passed through a network or across a particular link. The returned signal can then be compared to the tran MORE

Cooperating Broker Fee Agreement

Business / Real Estate / Cooperating Broker Fee Agreement: An agreement between brokers specifying the commission split should the cooperating broker sell a property listed by the listing broker. MORE

National Bank For Cooperatives (Cobank)

Business / Agriculture / National Bank For Cooperatives (Cobank): An institution of the Farm Credit System that provides financial services to approximately 2,000 agricultural cooperatives, rural utility systems, Farm Credit System associations and other businesses MORE