Technology / Computers / Output: Information that has been processed by the computer and is then sent to an output device, like a hard disk, video display, printer or modem.

Other Words for Output

Output Adjective Synonyms: production, result, yield, crop, harvest
Output Noun Synonyms: productivity, achievement, efficiency

Subwoofer Preamp Outputs

Technology / Home Audio / Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: Individual number of RCA outputs that are coupled with a built-in low-pass crossover for connection to a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. MORE

Zero Output

Technology / Home Audio / Zero Output: The absence of output signal or output power. MORE

Discrete Output Devices

Technology / Home Audio / Discrete Output Devices: A separate active unit in an amplifier, capable of performing a single essential function within the output circuit. There are three basic types of output devices found on car audio amplifiers — int MORE

High Power Output

Technology / Home Audio / High Power Output: Speaker level outputs driven by an amplifier, typically at least 15 watts RMS per channel. MORE

A-V Outputs

Technology / Digital Cameras / A-V Outputs: Video or audio/video outputs are found on most digital cameras; they let you send an image to a TV for easier viewing. An A/V output will also let you send sound (if your camera has that capability, a MORE

Preamp Output

Technology / Home Audio / Preamp Output: Typically found on headunits, a preamp output provides low level, high quality audio signal for use with external amplifiers. MORE