Patch Panel

Technology / Computers / Patch Panel: In networking a patch panel connects all networked computers to the incoming and outgoing lines of a LAN (Local Area Network) or any other electronic communications system.

Other Words for Patch

Patch Adjective Synonyms: area, section, segment, plat, plot, lot, tract, ground, parcel, field
Patch Noun Synonyms: responsibility, area, bailiwick, territory
Patch Adverb Synonyms: piece, scrap, reinforcement, shred, snip, snippet, tatter, pad

Purple Patch

Entertainment / Literature / Purple Patch: A section of purple prose or writing that is too ornate or florid for the surrounding plain material, which in turn looks too tranquil or dull by the incongruity of the startling purple patch. The col MORE

Patching Plaster

Life Style / Painting / Patching Plaster: A special plaster made for repairing plaster walls. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Patchiness: A condition in which organisms occur in aggregations MORE

Riser And Panel

Business / Construction / Riser And Panel: The exterior vertical pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician provides and installs at the 'Rough Electric' stage. MORE

Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel

Business / Agriculture / Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel: A permanent advisory panel that could be created under a provision of the FAIR Act of 1996. The panel would review and evaluate inspection policies and procedures and any proposed changes to them. MORE

Wooden Panels

Life Style / Painting / Wooden Panels: Up till the 15th century and the coming of canvas nearly all the portable paintings in Europe were executed on wooden panels. The Flemish and the French painters preferred oak, the Italians white popl MORE