Technology / Computers / Path: A path can be described as a file's address on your file system, describing where the file lives: An absolute path gives the complete path, starting at the root directory, or the very top of the file system; A relative path looks for a file from the directory you are currently in down.

Other Words for Path

Path Noun Synonyms: way, course, track, route, road, orbit, trajectory, circuit
Path Adjective Synonyms: footpath, pathway, tow-path, track, trail, walk, walkway, footway

Pathogen; Pathogenic

Business / Agriculture / Pathogen; Pathogenic: Pathogens are infectious or toxin forming microorganisms causing disease. A food borne pathogen is a microorganism that causes illness through the ingestion of food. MORE

Metabolic Pathway

Science / Biology / Metabolic Pathway: A series of individual chemical reactions in a living system that combine to perform one or more important functions. The product of one reaction in a pathway serves as the substrate for the following MORE

Food Borne Pathogens

Business / Agriculture / Food Borne Pathogens: Disease-causing microorganisms found in food, usually bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoans, and viruses. The top ten pathogens are: Salmonella: Staphylococcus Aureus: Campylobacter jejuni: Yersinia MORE

Path Length

Science / Chemistry / Path Length: In absorption spectroscopy, the length of a path taken by radiation through a sample. MORE

Naturopathic Medicine

Health / Massage / Naturopathic Medicine: Naturopathy integrates a wide range of natural therapeutics emphasizing the healing power of nature to treat the causes of disease, rather than suppressing the symptoms. As part of a holistic medical MORE


Health / Massage / Naprapathy: With influences from osteopathy and chiropractic, this system of treatment uses soft-tissue manipulation to release tension and balance energy flows in the body. The practitioner uses palpation to exp MORE