Pipeline Burst Cache

Technology / Computers / Pipeline Burst Cache: A type of memory cache built into many modern DRAM controller and chipset designs. Pipeline burst caches use two techniques - a burst mode that pre-fetches memory contents before they are requested, and pipelining so that one memory value can be accessed in the cache at the same time that another memory value is accessed in DRAM. The purpose of pipeline burst caches is to minimize wait states so that memory can be accessed as fast a possible by the microprocessor.

Other Words for Burst

Burst Verb Synonyms: break (asunder), rupture, shatter, explode, blow up, puncture, bust

Other Words for Cache

Cache Verb Synonyms: hide, store, conceal, squirrel away, secrete, bury, stash (away)
Cache Noun Synonyms: hiding-place, hole, vault, repository

Other Words for Pipeline

Pipeline Verb Synonyms: pipe, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel

Mortgage Pipeline

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