Technology / Computers / Quartz: A powerful graphics system that delivers a rich imaging model, on-the-fly rendering, anti-aliasing, and compositing of PostScript graphics. Quartz also implements the windowing system for Mac OS X and provides low-level services such as event handling and cursor management. It also offers facilities for rendering and printing that use PDF as an internal model for graphics representation.

Quartz Arenite

Science / Geology / Quartz Arenite: A sandstone containing very little except pure quartz grains and cement. MORE


Science / Geology / Quartzite: (1) A very hard, clean, white metamorphic rock formed from a quartz arenite sandstone. (2) A quartz arenite containing so much cement that it resembles ( 1 ). MORE

Quartzose Sandstone

Science / Geology / Quartzose Sandstone: (1) A quartz arenite. (2) A clean quartz sandstone, less pure than a quartz arenite, that may contain a moderate amount of other detrital minerals and/or calcite cement. MORE