Technology / Computers / Ranging: The process of automatically adjusting transmit levels and time offsets of individual modems, in order to make sure the bursts coming from different modems line up in the right timeslots and are received at the same power level at the CMTS.

Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor

Science / Tides and Currents / Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor: A pulsed, acoustic ranging device using the air column in a tube as the acoustic sound path. The fundamental measurement is the time it takes for the acoustic signal to travel from a transmitter to th MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Direcway: Direcway is the brand name original used to deliver satellite internet access by Hughes Networking. Now re-branded as hughesnet®, it offers a suite of broadband connectivity solutions for your home, MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Frequency: The number of oscillations, or vibrations, of radio waves per unit of time, usually expressed in either cycles-per-second or Hertz (Hz). MORE

Protective Well

Science / Tides and Currents / Protective Well: A vertical pipe with a relatively large opening (intake) in the bottom. It is used with the air acoustic ranging sensor and electronic processing (filtering) technique to minimize the nonlinear charac MORE


Science / Weather / Macroscale: The meteorological scale covering an area ranging from the size of a continent to the entire globe. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Sumidemae: the arranging of charcoal in front of the guests MORE