Technology / Computers / Reboot: To restart a computer. In DOS, you can reboot by pressing the Alt, Control and Delete keys simultaneously. This is called a warm boot. You can also perform a cold boot by turning the computer off and then on again. On Macs, you reboot by selecting the 'Restart' option from the Special menu.

Hard Reset

Technology / Television (TV) / Hard Reset: A hard reset is the same as rebooting a computer. MORE


Technology / Computers / Crash: A malfunction that can be hardware or software related that brings work to a halt. Most are software related and rebooting the machine will resolve the problem, but data loss is common. MORE

Warm Boot

Technology / Computers / Warm Boot: Rebooting the system by using a software command rather than turning the power off, then on. The system is reset but power is never interrupted. MORE

Hard Boot

Technology / Computers / Hard Boot: A hard reboot (also known as a cold reboot) is when power to a computer is cycled (turned on and off) or a special reset signal to the processor is triggered (from a front panel switch of some sort). MORE

Cold Boot

Technology / Computers / Cold Boot: A cold reboot also referred to as a hard boot. This occurs when a computer user must switch the computer system off from the main power switch. This process bypasses the normal shut down procedure of MORE