Refresh Rate

Technology / Computers / Refresh Rate: Refers to the speed in which an image can be flashed or re-drawn on a monitors screen. The higher the refresh rate, the more unnoticeable the flashing will be to the naked eye. A low refresh rate will make the imagery appear very unsteady or jerky. The typical refresh rate in the United States is 60 hertz (Hz).

Other Words for Rate

Rate Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, class, classify, evaluate, estimate, calculate, compute, count, reckon, judge, gauge, assess, appraise, measure
Rate Verb Synonyms: measure, pace, gait, speed, velocity, clip

Other Words for Refresh

Refresh Verb Synonyms: enliven, renew, revive, freshen (up), resuscitate, bring back to life, breathe new life into, invigorate, vitalize, energize, brace, fortify, exhilarate, revitalize, reinvigorate, reanimate


Technology / Computers / Refresh: Generally, to update something with new data. For example, some Web browsers include a refresh button that updates the currently display Web pages. This feature is also called reload. To recharge a de MORE

Phyto-Chemical Concentrates

Health / Vitamins / Phyto-Chemical Concentrates: Chemical constituents of plants part of its defense system, others than proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals used in human nutrition, enhance overall health, act as detoxifying agents, MORE

Photosynthetic Rate

Science / Marine Biology / Photosynthetic Rate: The rate of conversion of dissolved carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ion to photosynthetic product MORE