Technology / Computers / Registry: The system configuration files used with Windows 9x and NT to store settings about installed hardware, drivers, software, and other settings required to keep Windows operating correctly.

Voluntary Adoption Registry

Life Style / Adoption / Voluntary Adoption Registry: A reunion registry system which allows adoptees, birthparents and biological siblings to locate each other if they wish by maintaining a voluntary list of adoptees and birth relatives. MORE

Putative Father Registry

Life Style / Adoption / Putative Father Registry: a.k.a. Birth Father Registry, state registry where alleged paternity can be listed and birth fathers have the opportunity to protest the birth mother's adoption plans. Approximately one-half of the st MORE

Disease Registry

Health / Disease / Disease Registry: A system of ongoing registration of all cases of a particular disease or health condition in a defined population. MORE

CAS Registry Number

Health / Disease / CAS Registry Number: A unique number assigned to a substance or mixture by the American Chemical Society Abstracts Service [external link]. MORE

Central Registry

Life Style / Adoption / Central Registry: A centralized database containing information on all substantiated/founded reports of child maltreatment in a selected area (typically a State). MORE

Exposure Registry

Health / Disease / Exposure Registry: A system of ongoing followup of people who have had documented environmental exposures. MORE