Screen Flicker

Technology / Computers / Screen Flicker: This is generally referring to the flickering of a display screen and can be caused by a number of factors, the most important of which is the monitor's refresh rate, or the speed that the screen is re-drawn. If the refresh rate is too slow, the screen will appear to glimmer. Another factor that affects screen flicker is the persistence of the screen phosphors. Low-persistence phosphors fade more quickly than high-persistence monitors, making screen flicker more likely. Screen flicker can also be affected by lighting. Finally, screen flicker is a subjective perception that affects people differently. Some people perceive screen flicker where others do not. Most people perceive no screen flicker if the refresh rate is 72 MHz or higher.

Other Words for Flicker

Flicker Verb Synonyms: glimmer, glint, glimmering, sparkle, spark, twinkle, twinkling, gleam, flare, glare
Flicker Adjective Synonyms: twinkle, blink, waver, glimmer, glint, sparkle, shimmer, flare, gutter

Other Words for Screen

Screen Verb Synonyms: partition, (room) divider, paravent, wall
Screen Noun Synonyms: shelter, protection, shield, cover

Screen Plate

Entertainment / Photography / Screen Plate: Plate used in early additive forms of color photography. MORE

Screen Shot

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Screen Shot: A shot on goal that the goalie cannot see because it was taken from behind one or more players from either team standing in front of the net. MORE

Screen Stocks

Business / Finance / Screen Stocks: To analyze various stocks in search of stocks that meet predetermined criteria. For example, a simple value screen would sort all stocks by their price-to-book ratio and pick the stocks with the lowes MORE