Technology / Computers / Semantics: A relationship between words, phrases or any other allowable constraint and their actual meaning. This is contrast to 'Syntax'. An example could be; if you enter a misspelled command, it would be a syntax error, but if you enter what may be a legitimate command but is not understood in its current context, this would be a 'semantics error'.

General Semantics

Entertainment / Literature / General Semantics: According to Algeo, 'A linguistic philosophy emphasizing the arbitrary nature of language to clarify thinking' (319). MORE


Health / Dentistry / Stress: Normally defined in terms of mechanical tensile stress which is the form divided by the perpendicular cross sectional area over which the force is applied. MORE

Figure Of Speech

Entertainment / Literature / Figure Of Speech: A scheme or a trope used for rhetorical or artistic effect. See figurative language, above. MORE