Sheet Tab

Technology / Computers / Sheet Tab: In spreadsheet applications, this would refer to a tab at the bottom of a work sheet that acts as a means to identify or access different sheets within a workbook.

Other Words for Sheet

Sheet Noun Synonyms: area, expanse, stretch, layer, film, coat, coating, covering, blanket, cover, surface, skin, veneer
Sheet Adjective Synonyms: bed-sheet, crib-sheet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, contour sheet

Other Words for Tab

Tab Adjective Synonyms: flap, tag, loop, ticket, sticker, label, flag, lappet, strap, handle
Tab Noun Synonyms: charge, bill, account, reckoning, check

Sheathing, Sheeting

Business / Construction / Sheathing, Sheeting: The structural wood panel covering, usually OSB or plywood, used over studs, floor joists or rafters/trusses of a structure. MORE

Sheet Erosion

Business / Agriculture / Sheet Erosion: The removal of a thin, relatively uniform layer of soil from the land surface caused by runoff. MORE

Sheet Film

Entertainment / Photography / Sheet Film: Alternative term for cut film. MORE

Set-Up Sheet

Business / Real Estate / Set-Up Sheet: Also know as an Annual Property Cash Flow Statement. Includes cash flow information about a listed rental property that is passed out to other real estate companies and/or given to prospective buyers. MORE

Set The Table

Entertainment / Baseball / Set The Table: To get runners on base ahead of the power hitters in the lineup. MORE

Risk-Adjusted Profitability

Business / Finance / Risk-Adjusted Profitability: A probability used to determine a 'sure' expected value (sometimes called a certainty equivalent) that would be equivalent to the actual risky expected value. MORE