Short Message Service (SMS)

Technology / Computers / Short Message Service (SMS): A popular wireless service that is used for sending and receiving short messages up to a maximum of 160 characters. The service is used for text messaging between cell phones that are on a GSM (Global System for Mobile) network.

Other Words for Message

Message Verb Synonyms: communication, bulletin, report, news, dispatch or despatch, information, word, intelligence, tidings, note, missive, letter, memorandum
Message Noun Synonyms: idea, point, import, meaning, essence, implication

Other Words for Service

Service Verb Synonyms: help, assistance, aid,efulness, utility, benefit, advantage
Service Noun Synonyms: assignment, post, appointment, secondment

Other Words for Short

Short Adjective Synonyms: direct, straight, straightforward, short and sweet
Short Verb Synonyms: laconic, terse, succinct, pithy, sententious, epigrammatic
Short Noun Synonyms: small, little, slight, petite, diminutive, wee, tiny, elfin, minuscule, midget, dwarfish, squat, dumpy, runty, stubby, stunted, pint-sized, knee-high to a grasshopper, sawn-off

Short Circuit

Business / Construction / Short Circuit: A situation that occurs when hot and neutral wires come in contact with each other. Fuses and circuit breakers protect against fire that could result from a short. MORE

Short Bonds

Business / Finance / Short Bonds: Bonds with short (not much time to maturity) current maturities. MORE

Short Coupon

Business / Finance / Short Coupon: 0 MORE

Short Covering

Business / Finance / Short Covering: A bond payment covering less than six-months' interest, because the original issue date is less than six months from the first scheduled interest payment. A bond with a short time to maturity, usually MORE

Short Exempt

Business / Finance / Short Exempt: Used in the context of general equities. Actual purchase of securities by a short seller to replace those borrowed at the time of a short sale. MORE

Short Ascension

Science / Astrology / Short Ascension: Refers to the six signs that take less time than the other six to rise above the horizon, namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces; the spring and winter signs in the northern hem MORE