Technology / Computers / Socket: A receptacle on a motherboard that processors or chips can be plugged into. The slot varies by the type of chip it was designed to receive, usually based on pin count.

Socket 7

Technology / Computers / Socket 7: Socket 7 is a connection format used on older processors such as the Cyrix M2, AMD K6 and K6-2. MORE

Dry Socket

Health / Dentistry / Dry Socket: A localized inflammation of the tooth socket following an extraction due to infection or loss of a blood clot MORE

ZIF Socket

Technology / Computers / ZIF Socket: Zero Insertion Force socket. A special socket for plugging in integrated circuits easily. The socket can be opened with a small lever or screw; the chip is dropped in, then the socket is closed. MORE

Socket 8

Technology / Computers / Socket 8: The Socket 8 connection format was exclusively used on Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II OverDrive processors. MORE

Ball And Socket

Entertainment / Photography / Ball And Socket: Swiveling mount used to attach a camera to a tripod, consisting of a large ball joint designed to move in a cup. MORE

Drill Socket

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Socket: An adapter similar to a sleeve except that it is made to adapt a larger taperedshank tool to a smaller size spindle. MORE