Socket 8

Technology / Computers / Socket 8: The Socket 8 connection format was exclusively used on Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II OverDrive processors.

Ny 70.0809.10

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ny 70.0809.10: Currently not popularly named this variety is reported to be derived from a Seyve Villard 18-307 x Steuben cross. Claimed to be vigorous and very productive in U.S. Zone 4, it showed good Powdery Mild MORE

Ny 76.0844.24

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ny 76.0844.24: Currently unnamed variety derived from a Traminette x Ravat 34 cross by the N.Y. Research Station at Geneva. Reported to be capable of producing a good floral muscat-flavored white wine. Vigorous and MORE

No Net Cost Tobacco Act Of 1982

Business / Agriculture / No Net Cost Tobacco Act Of 1982: P.L. 97-218 (July 20, 1982) required that the tobacco price support program operate at no net cost to taxpayers, other than for the administrative expenses common to all price support programs. To sat MORE

National Bank Act Of 1863

Business / Real Estate / National Bank Act Of 1863: In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, at the urging of Salmon Chase, the Secretary of the Treasury, signed the National Bank Act. The Act established a national banking system and a uniform national cur MORE

National Aquaculture Act Of 1980

Business / Agriculture / National Aquaculture Act Of 1980: P.L. 96-362 (September 26, 1980), as amended, is intended to promote and support the development of private aquaculture and to ensure coordination among the various federal agencies that have aquacult MORE

Ocean Freight Differential (Under P.L. 480)

Business / Agriculture / Ocean Freight Differential (Under P.L. 480): The difference between the cost of P.L. 480 shipments that are required to be carried on U.S. flag vessels compared to the cost that would have been incurred had they been carried on lower cost foreig MORE