Technology / Computers / Suspend: A mode of operation with reduced power consumption. More power is conserved than with the Standby mode, but it can take longer to recover from the Suspend state.

Other Words for Suspend

Suspend Verb Synonyms: hold up or off (on), withhold, put off, put or hold or keep in or into abeyance, shelve, postpone, delay, defer, interrupt, stop or check or cease or discontinue temporarily, table
Suspend Adjective Synonyms: hang, attach, fasten, dangle, swing

Suspended Load

Science / Geology / Suspended Load: The fine sediment kept suspended in a stream because the settling velocity is lower than the upward velocity of eddies. MORE

Suspended Trading

Business / Finance / Suspended Trading: A Eurobond issued by a Japanese corporation. MORE

Suspended Ceiling

Business / Construction / Suspended Ceiling: A ceiling system supported by hanging it from the overhead structural framing. MORE

Restricted License

Business / Real Estate / Restricted License: A probationary real estate license granted after a license was revoked, suspended or denied. MORE

Marionette String

Health / Pilates / Marionette String: An image to encourage lengthening throughout your spine. Visualize a string extending from the crown of your head to the ceiling, suspending your entire spine along its length, from head to tailbone. MORE

Chen Jian Zhui Zhou (Cham Gin Jui Zhau)

Health / Tai Chi / Chen Jian Zhui Zhou (Cham Gin Jui Zhau): Literally: 'Sinking the shoulders and dropping the elbows' Lowering the shoulders while keeping the weight of the arms down reduces physical and emotional stress and creates a solid, grounded posture. MORE