Technology / Computers / Synchronize: Refers to two or more elements, events or operations programmed to occur at a predefined moment in time or place.

Synchronized Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Synchronized Flash: Method of synchronizing flash light duration with the maximum shutter opening. MORE

Work Song

Entertainment / Music / Work Song: Communal song that synchronized group tasks. MORE

X Setting (X Sync)

Entertainment / Photography / X Setting (X Sync): Is the setting that causes the flash to burst in synchronization with the shutter. For some manual cameras, the x synch speed refers to the maximum speed that the camera can synchronize with the flash MORE

Time Base Corrector (TBC)

Technology / Television (TV) / Time Base Corrector (TBC): A TBC synchronizes video signals, allowing the signals to be locked into switcher timing. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Camshaft: A metal shaft with two or more cams (oval "lobes") that rotates to operate inlet and/or exhaust valves in a four-stroke engine. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / M-Synch: Is a flash setting or socket which synchronizes the firing of the shutter with the peak light output of a flash bulb. MORE