Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

Technology / Computers / Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH): A method used for multiplexing many circuits with a low bit rate onto fewer circuits with a higher bit rate, and vice-versa (de-multiplexing). Used primarily in the telecomms industry to carry telephony traffic. This network can also be used to carry IP traffic.

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN): A wireless communications technology from Motorola that provides support for voice, data, short messages (SMS) and dispatch radio (two-way radio) in one phone. Operating in the 800MHz and 1.5GHz bands MORE

Hierarchy Of Needs

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hierarchy Of Needs: A psychology theory ascribed to Abraham H. Maslow, in which he proposed that people will constantly seek to have their basic needs (sleep, food, water, shelter, etc.) fulfilled and that such needs ult MORE

Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN)

Business / Internet Marketing / Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN): ISDN lines are high-speed dial-up connections to the Internet. That's good. What's bad is that their cost and availability is determined by local telephone companies, which means in some places they a MORE

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Technology / Computers / Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Basically a way to move more data over regular existing phone lines. ISDN is available to much of the USA and in most markets it is priced very comparably to standard analog phone circuits. It can pro MORE

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Technology / Computers / Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI): An interface as well as file format standard for using a musical instrument with a computer and recording and storing the data from it. A MIDI file contains information about recorded notes: what note MORE

Dominance Hierarchy

Science / Biology / Dominance Hierarchy: A social structure among a group of animals in which one is dominant and the others have subordinate nonbreeding positions. MORE