Token Ring

Technology / Computers / Token Ring: A type of LAN in which workstations relay a data packet called a token in a logical ring configuration - known as token passing. A station may only transmit if it is in possession of the token. Token Ring tends to use slower technologies and so isn't used much anymore, though its method of avoiding data collisions on the lines does save time, and the technology hasn't been abandoned because of this.

Other Words for Ring

Ring Noun Synonyms: loop, hoop, band, circle, ringlet, circlet, annulus, grommet, eyelet, quoit, noose, cincture, belt, girdle, cestus or cestos, border, halo, aureole, nimbus, corona, cuff, collar, necklace, neckband, bandeau, fillet, bracelet, armlet, torque or torc, crown
Ring Verb Synonyms: ringing, peal, pealing, chime, chiming, toll, tolling, tintinnabulation, knell, sounding, resonating, echo, echoing, re-echo, re-echoing, reverberation, reverberating, clang, clanging, jangle, jangling, tinkle, tinkling, clink, clinking, jingle, jingling,

Other Words for Token

Token Adjective Synonyms: symbolic, emblematic, representative
Token Noun Synonyms: symbol, sign, mark, marker, badge, emblem, indication, proof, evidence
Token Verb Synonyms: coin, disc

Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

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Public Offering Price

Business / Finance / Public Offering Price: The price of a new issue of securities at the time that the issue is offered to the public. MORE

Public Offering

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