Technology / Computers / Toner: An ultra-fine colored plastic powder used as the printing media in laser printers and photocopiers. The fuser heats it to such high temperatures that it melts and fuses to the paper.


Entertainment / Photography / Toners: Used to change the color of the photographic print by chemical baths. Through the system of bleaching and toning, the black metallic silver image is converted to a dye image. MORE

Gold Chloride

Entertainment / Photography / Gold Chloride: Soluble chemical used in gold toners. MORE

Copper Sulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Copper Sulfate: Chemical contained in certain bleaches, toners, intensifiers, and reducers. MORE

Copper Toning

Entertainment / Photography / Copper Toning: Chemical process used for toning monochrome prints. See toners. MORE

Nitric Acid

Science / Chemistry / Nitric Acid: A corrosive liquid with a sharp odor that acts as a strong acid when dissolved in water. Nitric acid is used to synthesize ammonium nitrate for fertilizers, and is also used in the manufacture of expl MORE


Health / First Aid / Camphor: Resin from the camphor tree MORE