Top Down Testing

Technology / Computers / Top Down Testing: Also known as 'Bottom Up Testing'. It exists as an incremental testing strategy to ensure that designs are correct from the very beginning. It starts by testing the user interface, while the lower hierarchy components functionality is simulated by a dummy procedure known as a 'stub'. The testing continues in this manor until all of the components have been tested.

Other Words for Top

Top Noun Synonyms: summit, apex, peak, acme, crest, head, pinnacle, vertex, zenith, meridian, crown, culmination, high point, height, apogee
Top Verb Synonyms: surmount, cover, cap, crown, tip, finish, complete, garnish


Business / Finance / Rundown: A summary of the amount and prices of a serial bond issue that is still available for purchase. MORE

Run Down

Entertainment / Baseball / Run Down: A played used by fielders to tag out a runner caught between bases. MORE

Roll Down

Business / Finance / Roll Down: To move to an option position with a lower exercise price. MORE