Technology / Computers / Transparent: Something that occurs without being known to the user.

Other Words for Transparent

Transparent Verb Synonyms: candid, open, frank, plain-spoken, direct, unambiguous, unequivocal, straightforward, ingenuous, forthright, above-board, artless, guileless, simple, naive, undissembling, on the level, upfront
Transparent Noun Synonyms: (crystal) clear, pellucid, diaphanous, see-through, limpid, crystalline, sheer, transpicuous


Life Style / Painting / Semi-Transparent: A degree of hiding greater than transparent but less than opaque. MORE

Transparent Magnetic Layer

Entertainment / Photography / Transparent Magnetic Layer: Information storage layer built into advanced photo system film that enables enhanced information exchange capabilities. MORE

Semi-Transparent Stain

Life Style / Painting / Semi-Transparent Stain: A stain that alters the natural color of the wood while allowing the grain and texture to show through. MORE

Black Ice

Science / Weather / Black Ice: Thin, new ice on fresh or salt water that appears dark in color because of its transparency. Also refers to thin, transparent ice on road surfaces. MORE


Science / Weather / Translucent: Not transparent, but clear enough to allow light to pass through. MORE

Body Color

Life Style / Painting / Body Color: The mixing of opaque white gouache with transparent watercolor; or gouache colors in general. MORE