Technology / Computers / Trojan: A type of computer virus that is loaded into an unsuspecting users system via a host program such as a free game. The Trojan can be programmed by the author to perform many actions once activated by the user. These actions usually have malicious intent. The term 'Trojan' comes from ancient Greece, where the Greeks used a wooden horse containing hidden Greek soldiers to gain entrance to the city of Troy.


Entertainment / Literature / Palinode: Singing again): A poem, song, or section of a poem or song in which the poet renounces or retracts his words in an earlier work. Usually this is meant to apologize or counterbalance earlier material. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hysteron-Proteron: Using anastrophe in a way that creates a catachresis (see under tropes), an impossible ordering on the literal level. For instance, Virgil has the despairing Trojans in the Aeneid cry out in despair a MORE

Comedy Of Innocence

Entertainment / Literature / Comedy Of Innocence: (1) In anthropological terms, a comedy of innocence is a ritualized symbolic behavior (or set of such behaviors) designed to alleviate individual or communal guilt about an execution or sacrifice or t MORE