True Color

Technology / Computers / True Color: Refers to any graphics device or software that uses at least 24 bits to represent each dot or pixel. Using 24 bits means that more than 16 million unique colors can be represented. Since humans can only distinguish a few million colors, this is more than enough to accurately represent any color image.

Other Words for Color

Color Verb Synonyms: influence, affect, distort, falsify, taint, warp, twist, slant, pervert, bias
Color Noun Synonyms: tint, dye, stain, paint, crayon, tincture, tinge, pigment
Color Adjective Synonyms: hue, tint, tincture, shade, tone, cast, tinge, pigmentation, pigment, dye

Other Words for True

True Noun Synonyms: accurate, correct, truthful, faithful, literal, authentic, veracious, actual, factual, realistic, genuine, right, valid, unelaborated, unvarnished, unadulterated, verified, verifiable
True Verb Synonyms: truly, truthfully, honestly, accurately, candidly, frankly, sincerely, straightforwardly
True Adjective Synonyms: exactly, correctly, geographically

Neutral Color

Life Style / Painting / Neutral Color: A color without definite identification. MORE

Muted Color

Life Style / Painting / Muted Color: Restricted or suppressed rather than the full range of color. MORE

Local Color

Life Style / Painting / Local Color: The actual color of an object being painted, unmodified by light or shadow. (An orange is orange) MORE