Twisted Pair

Technology / Computers / Twisted Pair: A type of cabling in which two small insulated copper wires are wrapped and twisted around each other to minimize interference. Twisted pair is used in UTP and STP cabling on Ethernet networks.

Other Words for Pair

Pair Verb Synonyms: couple, twosome, two of a kind, set of two, matched set, duo, dyad, twins, double, doublet, brace, span, yoke, team, tandem

Repair Or Corrective Maintenance

Business / Real Estate / Repair Or Corrective Maintenance: Involves the actual repairs that keep the buildings equipment, utilities and amenities functioning. Repairing a boiler, finding a leaky faucet and mending a broken air-conditioning unit are acts of co MORE

Rural Home Repair Loans And Grants

Business / Agriculture / Rural Home Repair Loans And Grants: Section 504 Loans and grants are available through the Rural Housing Service to lower income rural homeowners for making repairs. MORE


Business / Finance / Pairoff: A buyback to offset and effectively liquidate a prior sale of securities. MORE

Paired Shares

Business / Finance / Paired Shares: Stock of two companies under the same management that are sold as one unit with one certificate. MORE

Affected Relative Pair

Science / Genetics / Affected Relative Pair: Individuals related by blood, each of whom is affected with the same trait. Examples are affected sibling, cousin, and avuncular pairs. MORE

Shielded Twisted Pair

Technology / Computers / Shielded Twisted Pair: The same as UTP network cabling only that it has a metal sheath or braid around it to reduce interference. MORE