Virtual Device Driver (VDD)

Technology / Computers / Virtual Device Driver (VDD): In Windows systems, a special type of device driver that has direct access to the operating system kernel. This allows them to interact with system and hardware resources at a very low level. In Windows 95, virtual device drivers are often called VxDs because the filenames end with the .vxd extension.

Other Words for Device

Device Verb Synonyms: contrivance, mechanism, machine, machinery, implement, utensil, apparatus, instrument, appliance, tool, gadget, gimmick, contraption, widget, thingumajig or thingamajig, gubbins
Device Noun Synonyms: stratagem, scheme, trick, artifice, ruse, plot, ploy, gambit, strategy, maneuver, machination, machinery, apparatus, mechanism, contrivance, gimmick, tool, weapon

Other Words for Virtual

Virtual Noun Synonyms: effective, essential, practical, understood, accepted

Virtual Environment

Technology / Computers / Virtual Environment: An environment that uses audio and video computer simulations. MORE

Virtual HR

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Virtual HR: The use of technology to provide HR programs via an employee self-service platform. Typically includes use of such items as voice response systems, employee kiosks, etc. MORE

Virtual Disk

Technology / Computers / Virtual Disk: A RAM disk in which a section of system memory is set aside to hold data, as though it were a number of disk sectors. Sometimes used for bootable operating systems and applications to function. MORE