Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Technology / Computers / Virtual Private Network (VPN): A data network that uses the public telecommunications infrastructure, but maintains privacy through the use of a tunneling protocol and security procedures. A VPN gives a company the same capabilities as a system of owned or leased lines to which that company has exclusive access. However, costs are much lower because the VPN uses the shared public infrastructure rather than exclusive line access.

Other Words for Private

Private Adjective Synonyms: personal, individual, own, intimate, particular
Private Noun Synonyms: (top) secret, confidential, undisclosed, hidden, clandestine, concealed, covert, surreptitious, off the record, not for publication, unofficial, hush-hush

Other Words for Virtual

Virtual Noun Synonyms: effective, essential, practical, understood, accepted

Private Voluntary Organization (PVO)

Business / Agriculture / Private Voluntary Organization (PVO): A nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that provides economic and social assistance to people in need, often in foreign countries. Pvos play an important role, along with cooperatives, in distribut MORE

Private Unrequited Transfers

Business / Finance / Private Unrequited Transfers: Resident immigrant workers' remittances to their country of origin as well as, e.g., gifts, dowries, inheritances, prizes, charitable contributions. MORE

Private Symbol

Entertainment / Literature / Private Symbol: In contrast with an archetype (universal symbol), a private symbol is one that an individual artist arbitrarily assigns a personal meaning to. Nearly all members of an ethnic, religious, or linguistic MORE