Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Technology / Computers / Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): A network that allows for real-time conversation by sending digital voice information in the form of packets over the Internet rather than the traditional circuit-committed protocols used by public telephone networks.

Other Words for Over

Over Adverb Synonyms: (once) again, once more, one more time
Over Noun Synonyms: more than, greater than, upwards or upward of, in excess of, (over and) above, (over and) beyond, exceeding
Over Adjective Synonyms: above, on, upon, on top of, atop (of)
Over Preposition Synonyms: across, to or from or on the other side of, beyond

Other Words for Protocol

Protocol Noun Synonyms: rule(s) or code(s) or standard(s) of behavior or conduct, convention(s), custom(s), diplomacy, formality, formalities, form, etiquette, politesse, manners, practice,age, authority

Other Words for Voice

Voice Adjective Synonyms: speech, utterance, articulation, words, expression
Voice Noun Synonyms: share, part, vote, participation, say, decision, option, turn, chance


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Overspeed Condition

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