Wait State

Technology / Computers / Wait State: A brief delay added before a microprocessor executes an instruction, to allow time for slower memory chips or external devices to respond. A wait states may be one or more of the computer's clock cycles or may be timed differently. One wait state on each access of memory can make the processor up to 20% slower. With no wait state (called zero wait state) the processor will run faster.

Other Words for State

State Adjective Synonyms: condition(s), circumstance(s), situation, state of affairs, status, shape, position
State Noun Synonyms: governmental, government, national, federal

Other Words for Wait

Wait Verb Synonyms: tarry, linger, hold on, stay, bide (one's) time, mark time, stand by, cool (one's) heels, stick around, sit tight, hang on, hang about, hang around
Wait Noun Synonyms: be delayed or postponed or deferred or shelved or put off, be tabled, be put on ice or on the back burner

Single-Estate Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Single-Estate Coffee: Coffee produced by a single farm, single mill, or single group of farms, and marketed without mixture with other coffees. Many specialty coffees are now identified by estate name, rather than the less MORE

Single-State Municipal Bond Fund

Business / Finance / Single-State Municipal Bond Fund: A whole life insurance policy requiring one premium payment, which accrues cash value much more quickly than a policy paid in installments. MORE

Single-Step Income Statement

Business / Accounting / Single-Step Income Statement: An income statement where all the revenues are shown as a single total rather than being split up into different types of revenue (this is the most common format for very small businesses). See Profit MORE