Warm Boot

Technology / Computers / Warm Boot: Rebooting the system by using a software command rather than turning the power off, then on. The system is reset but power is never interrupted.

Other Words for Boot

Boot Verb Synonyms: eject, expel, shove, propel, push, kick
Boot Noun Synonyms: shoe, riding-boot, bootee

Other Words for Warm

Warm Noun Synonyms: heat (up), warm up or over
Warm Verb Synonyms: ardent, enthusiastic, earnest, eager, sincere


Technology / Computers / Reboot: To restart a computer. In DOS, you can reboot by pressing the Alt, Control and Delete keys simultaneously. This is called a warm boot. You can also perform a cold boot by turning the computer off and MORE

Warm Advection

Science / Weather / Warm Advection: The horizontal movement of warmer air into a location. MORE


Science / Weather / Warm: To have or give out heat to a moderate or adequate degree. A subjective term for temperatures between cold and hot. In meteorology, an air parcel that is warm is only so in relation to another parcel. MORE

Viral Swarm

Health / Disease / Viral Swarm: (aka mutant swarm) A group of viruses of the same species but with slightly different genetic sequences MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Swarming: In both real-time strategy, and first person shooter games 'swarming' is a fast attack used very early on in the game to attempt to surprise and overwhelm an opponent. It’s also sometimes referred t MORE

Tire Warmers

Technology / Motorcycle / Tire Warmers: Real racing tires work best once they’ve attained their high operating temperatures. Electric "blankets" wrapped around the wheels help speed this process, allowing the rider to start going fast soo MORE