World Wide Web (WWW)

Technology / Computers / World Wide Web (WWW): A graphical information system based on hypertext that enables a user to easily access documents located on the Internet.

Other Words for Web

Web Noun Synonyms: spider's web, cobweb, net, network, entanglement, snare, trap

Other Words for Wide

Wide Adjective Synonyms: spacious, roomy, ample, extensive, broad

Other Words for World

World Noun Synonyms: earth, planet, sphere, globe, Terra, universe, cosmos, existence, creation, life

Wide Opening

Business / Finance / Wide Opening: Come from when issued. Treasury bills trade on a WI basis between the day they are auctioned and the day settlement is made. Bills traded before they are auctioned are said to be traded Wi wi. MORE

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Technology / Computers / Wide Area Network (WAN): A network in which computers are connected to each other over a long distance, using telephone lines and satellite communications. See local area network (LAN). MORE

Wide Area Information Server (WAIS)

Business / Internet Marketing / Wide Area Information Server (WAIS): WAIS, pronounced 'ways,' search for data through online gopher databases. Unless you are looking for scientific or technical information, look somewhere else. MORE

Wide Receiver (WR)

Entertainment / Football / Wide Receiver (WR): A player position on offense. He is split wide (usually about 10 yards) from the formation and plays on the line of scrimmage as a split end (X) or one yard off as a flanker (Z). MORE

Wide-Angle Lens

Technology / Digital Cameras / Wide-Angle Lens: A wide-angle lens can capture an extra-wide view of the scene immediately before a camera. This allows you to more easily photograph panoramic landscapes for example, or take big group shots without f MORE

Wide-Leg Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

Health / Yoga / Wide-Leg Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana): A standing pose. Stand with feet 4 to 4.5-feet apart. Bend your body forward until your hands touch the floor. Keep elbows bent and bring your head down to the floor. MORE