Write Protect

Technology / Computers / Write Protect: Prevents a disk from being overwritten by covering a notch, or repositioning a switch, depending on the type of media.

Other Words for Protect

Protect Noun Synonyms: defend, guard, safeguard, keep safe, shield, cover, screen

Other Words for Write

Write Noun Synonyms: pen, scribble, get off, dash off, indite, inscribe, make out

Protective Toning

Entertainment / Photography / Protective Toning: Toning process used to protect black and white prints from fading and give archival permanence. Usually used selenium or gold toners. MORE

Protective Relay

Technology / Motors / Protective Relay: A relay, the principal function of which is to protect service from interruption, or to prevent or limit damage to apparatus. MORE

Protective Put Buying Strategy

Business / Finance / Protective Put Buying Strategy: A strategy that involves buying a put option on the underlying security that is held in a portfolio. Related: Hedge option strategies. MORE

Protective Well

Science / Tides and Currents / Protective Well: A vertical pipe with a relatively large opening (intake) in the bottom. It is used with the air acoustic ranging sensor and electronic processing (filtering) technique to minimize the nonlinear charac MORE

Ratio Writer

Business / Finance / Ratio Writer: An option writer who does not own the number of shares required to cover the call options he or she writes. MORE

Surge Protection

Technology / Motors / Surge Protection: A capacitor device usually mounted in the conduit box to flatten the voltage surges that may occur as a result of lighting or a power supply surge (short-period peak). These surges could result in mor MORE