16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / 16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode: Many digital cameras offer this mode to let you take photos that have the same shape as a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen TV. This size is ideal if you plan on showing your pictures on your high-def set, because they'll fill up the TV's entire screen without losing any picture information.

Other Words for Mode

Mode Noun Synonyms: way, manner, method, approach, form, course, fashion, procedure, technique, system, wise, modus operandi, methodology, standard operating procedure


Entertainment / Photography / Photogram: Pattern or design produced by placing opaque or transparent objects on top of a sensitive emulsion, exposing it to light and then developing it. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photogrammetry: Method of making precise measurements from photographs. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photography: Literally writing or drawing with light (from the greek words photos meaning light and graphos, writing). First suggested by sir john herschel to william fox talbot in 1839. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photogravure: Method of printing photographs from an etched copper plate. MORE

Photogenic Drawing

Entertainment / Photography / Photogenic Drawing: Original name given by william fox talbot to his earliest method of recording camera images. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photoflood: Artificial light source using a tungsten filament lamp and a dish reflector. MORE